Stop Begging To Be Hired!

The hiring process is a one which is beneficial to both the organization and job applicants. By its bi-directional nature it is a mutual assessment of two prospective partners. The fact that one party, the corporate entity has deep pockets does not diminish their need for YOU the applicant. It is employees that create, occupy and drive the success of the legal entity, the organization. This is a critical reminder to enhance and enrich the course of your job search.

When you reduce yourself to nothing, despite your years of education and/or hard work, the consequences of demeaning yourself and groveling from work lingers with you negatively. It has been shown to have a long term adverse effect on the candidate’s internal dialogue and belief in themselves, even when they get hired for positions.

Be confident and strategic. If you don’t have the qualifications and experience, get it, or create a clear narrative of how what you possess works for the position that you seek. Begging and desperation can get you the job, but data shows that you are unlikely to enjoy it and will probably lack the respect of your hiring manager, especially if you were hired based on your pleading and begging.

In the past I participated in various HR, Law and Employment research funded by groups of companies in all sectors. One of my stunning finds remains the HR lag, in terms of keeping pace with business evolution. The other most shocking thing was the eight (8) year long Hiring Project that we executed.

We applied to companies, were interviewed, and used our experiences, and additional data provided by senior management to improve their hiring processes. It was astounding to find the qualifications and experience for recruiters in many organizations is not sufficient. Further, most times, recruiters and hiring managers are not well trained, and are placed at the lower end of the importance spectrum. Although, recruiters and hiring managers have a disproportionately critical effect on companies, too many organization still treat recruitment without the respect, training and attention it needs.

Thus frequently, the outcome, except for the more exceptional recruiters and hiring managers, is that you are sitting across from a hiring manager or recruiter that is unaware of the biases and limitations, they often unconsciously have about candidates. Begging does not help increase respect for your skills, as it elevates recruiters biases against you— even if you get hired based on your pleas.

Please note that if you have sought work for more than two years without success, it is imperative that you seek career guidance from an experienced Career Coaching professional. Such a professional should have a record of success, and the education and experience to provide you a robust guideline on how to succeed in your search.

Preparation for the job interview, and the use of constant research to improve your interviewing process, cannot be over emphasized. Interviews are conducted with humans with as much or more implicit and other biases as you possess, and they making the decisions about you. To the extent possible, do all that you can to neutralize existing biases, by avoiding things that are distracting and unique to you.

For example, I wear four rings on my right hand. When I am attending certain meetings, I do not wear those rings. I like my rings. I identify with them as they were gifts I was given for excellence in professional, and other personal achievements. But they could distract from the conversation, and could cause more implicit or explicit biased associations by the interviewer. So, it’s not worth it.

Make sure it is a bi-directional discussion. You should determine if the company deserves you. Yes, internal confidence manifests externally too. Know your worth If you know you are suited for the job, and are not hired for it, move on. Review, Strategize and Move on.

For Job Applicants, here are some signs that you might be interviewing with the wrong company:

  1. If the recruiter does not know the goals of the organization and cannot explain how your position fits into the macro picture of the organization’s needs. DO NOT ACCEPT A FOLLOW UP INTERVIEW, AND DO NOT CALL THEM TO FOLLOW UP.
  2. If the hiring manager appears not to know core components of the job very much or seems intimidated by your experience or astute preparation for the interview –you will not enjoy working for such hiring manager. If the hiring manager is hostile or distracted, END THE PROCESS QUICKLY.
  3. If the number of candidates being interviewed for the same position exceeds four or five applicants and/or the applicants are all from the same industry— do not expect to be challenged and excited by such a job, if hired. Only unprogressive companies in this era of creativity and ingenuity, hire people from the “same” industry (except where they have specific, verifiable and near incontrovertible reasons).
  4. If you are interviewed more than three times, and it is not a senior executive position, AND the reason for numerous interviews explained to you during the recruitment process as such– RUN AWAY.
  5. If ninety (90%) percent of the organization looks the same, and diversity seems to be a by line that no one executes, at least based data on the staff composition–PAUSE! Companies that lack DIVERSITY or lack leadership diversity, often prove very problematic for even non-diversity candidates. It is most likely operating out of a 19th century business model. It might be a tasteless and meaningless work experience. LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR MEANINGFUL WORK.

Nothing, including a job, or search for it, is worth sacrificing your personhood, or Self-worth. You are a whole person, and your life should be far more than just work. Don’t diminish yourself.

Seek EFFECTIVE AND SEASONED professional guidance. There is a new spate of people who claim to be masters and experts at coaching and everything imaginable, most are not! Verify before you dole out money and/or time to them. Most times, the girth and success of service you obtain, is a direct result of the quality, pricing, experience and knowledge of the company or professional you hire for this purpose. Choose wisely.

Now, go forth confident and powerful for that job for which you are qualified. Never allow anyone or circumstance to stop you from achieving your goal.

Author: Sonia Johnson Esquire