Political Fear Mongering At Work– Do Not Do It. Do Not Be Afraid Of It Either

A while back, I wrote an article about the irrationality of limiting political and religious discourse at work. The general reason for this workplace restriction on political and religious speech, I found during my research on the subject, is based on a largely held and irrational belief, that such topics made people lose impulse control. In addition, through research I discovered that historically, this limit on political and religious speech especially, evolved as a method to control those considered the “uncivil” and “common” folk among us, from becoming uncontrollable and wild, during political, religious, labor conditions and other such discussions. Such persons were considered by the wealthy elite at that time, to be too too uncouth and unpolished, to hold civil discussions on issues they, the working class, considered sensitive.

Since that time, the notion that people of a lower economic status, education or other level of “refinement” were incapable of having civil discussions on certain subjects has been debunked. Everyone is capable of impulse control and civility unless they have a mental health or or other behavioral problem. Yet, just as the case with certain beliefs held with no basis in logic or rationale, some organizations continue to restrict free and civil political and religious speech, at work and elsewhere.

The culture of TOLERATING crass conduct regarding political and religious behavior, WRONGLY encourages people to believe that it is impossible for them to discuss politics or religion, civilly and respectfully. Many are also deluded into believing that having a different political view from someone else means they are different in every other way. Again, these erroneous beliefs are based on conjecture, and have been proven to be false by easily obtainable and available research, over a 20-year period. There is more to every human than politics and religion, just as we are more than our jobs, looks and hobbies. All should view other humans as a part of themselves, as we are entwined in our common humanity, and our inevitable journey of birth and inevitable death. Note: Organizations that provided forums for employees to civilly share their concerns during these elections, continue to have an easier time in maintaining a less fearful, and more transparent and engaged employees.Their cultures also remain strong with no undercurrent of distrust.

Based on our research and feedback from employees and organizations– it appears there is an atmosphere of fear that is being bred and encouraged by the grapevine in some workplaces. In several instances, it is openly expressed invective, and is aimed at specific folks by unsavory and undesirable elements at the workplace. We encourage strong disciplinary measures should be taken against any sort of hate based language, invective or acts used or threatened against anybody or group in the workplace. If any organization does not take steps to protect its employees against threats and abuse, they leave themselves vulnerable to agency investigation, litigation or more.

As for anyone who has chosen fear, as opposed to strength at this time– We call on you to make your concerns constructive, not fearful. Turn your fear into strength and belief in all that is the best IN you! It is the most cowardly and the weakest among us who use threats, invective and nonintellectual conduct in an effort to intimidate others. People who act in discriminatory and callous ways against others, are the cowardly and fearful ones. It is a waste of your time, and everyone’s time to continue to focus on the ramblings or acts of such individuals.

If you feel threatened, take immediate action to protect yourself. Otherwise, living in fear of some errant individuals categorization of you, in his or her limited/stilted world view, is not a useful expenditure of emotional energy. Dismiss such limiting persons and their vile chatter from you, and eradicate their dialogue from your mind.

Living in fear of anyone or anything is a waste of your life and time, do not do it. Take steps to stop your fear at work, and away from work. No one can determine how you live and feel about yourself but you. Make NO room for fear in your life. Your life is what you make of it. It is wrong to allow anyone define your life and how you choose to live it. The choice to take control of your life is yours, always. Read this book on Fear… click HEREthe book is a useful read on managing and converting fear into a constructive emotion.

A life of fear is a life of mediocrity, loss of choice/control and cowardice. Stop anyone or anything from injecting fear into your life. Don’t be limited or shaken by the fears of others expressed in their guile against others, or against you. Live fully, proudly and contentedly at all that you are, as you continue to pursue your goals without pause.

This is your life, and you only have one go at it– live on your terms. Remember that YOU are enough. Go forth with strength.

I wish you well.