Ladies, For Your Job Search, Be Confident And Selective

We live in a society in which many people, unfortunately, tie the full gamut of their individual self worth with their job or lack of thereof. Consequently, because of this odd attachment of self worth to a job, in the search for a good job, many job applicants are despondent and filled with despair at ‘rejections’, in the job search process which by its very nature will almost certainly involve job offer (s) and/or rejections.


Here is the truth, no matter what the larger society espouses–you are more than the work you do, and even more, you are far more than the opinion of strangers that interview you. Even the grossly unprofessional silence by some organizations, in which you hear nothing and see nothing after applying for a position, should not affect you. What should you do? The best practice is to stick to your job search plan and keep it moving, please. Move on to the next application for a position that deserves all that you can bring to the role. Above all, never forget that you are more than the job even after you get hired. And always remember, no matter what, your life is richer and has other joys that include work, but are not restricted to work alone.


I know some people that are grossly incompetent and yet got hired quickly during their job search, for good positions (many eventually got fired). Conversely, I also know some stellar performers that seek work for longer periods despite their undisputed expertise in their professions. Those who refuse to settle for less than what they deserve eventually do get what they want, if they are patient. From my 10-year research on hiring, top performers that seek employment for a longer period, unlike their inept counterparts that got hired more quickly, typically have long illustrious careers when they work with renowned and stable organizations.


I hope you have the education, experience and expertise required to pursue the job that you want. If you do not, this is a good time to go back to school to obtain a formal education. Your education, experience and background will help you remain relaxed through your job search process. Surround yourself with like minded confident folks as you execute a well planned job search for a suitable position with an organization that deserves you. Never never settle for less than what you are worth, and do not hesitate to withdraw from consideration for a job if you see clear signs that the position will not be a good fit. You never want to settle for a role out of desperation, and spend precious years of your life wasted working with an organization you detest.


The last thing I will address in this post is chatter and counsel. Do NOT be affected by negative opinions and naysayers. People will always have opinions about how you should take whatever you get, or why your job should define you etc, but so what? Realistically, why should you care about the chatter? Your self worth should never be affected by opinions of people, your job or lack thereof. Daniel Ocho, a respected international authority on the issue of Confidence as a critical characteristic for a successful job search, states that research shows that successful job searches first start with a consistent positive internal reaffirmation of the sum total of who you are as a person, and a commitment to remain true to yourself no matter the type of people, personalities or circumstances you encounter in the process.


As a runner, I can tell you with conviction that only the confident, well trained and persistent, runners of any age group finish strongly in any competition. It is the same process to use in life, and especially for your job search. Prepare, be confident and do not stop until you get what you deserve despite the obstacles you might encounter.


To get to the finish line in your job search, much like a runner, prepare, stay focused and never stop till you reach your goal. Use a good work search strategy, be selective, and reject any efforts by naysayers to make you desperate. So forge ahead with confidence and the certainty that a fitting organization will recognize your true worth. Be selective, analytical and refuse to settle for an organization or a position for which you are clearly unsuited. Seek that organization that will bring out the very best of who you are, since that will ensure your success in the long run. Stay confident and focused–that is the only way to ensure professional success in your quest for a new position!

I wish you well.