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If you are an Individual or Employee member of our organization,no matter your career level, we provide you with:

  • We provide you day to day guidance on all issues concerning your job, workplace and how to become a high performing employee
  • We coach you on any challenges related to your job– including how to handle difficult employees, how to deal with supervisors and obtain credit for your work etc.
  • We provide you professional career coaching, training, guidance and skills assessment, customized for YOU, to ensure that you become, and remain a high performer in your role
  • For job seekers, we provide guidance, resume review and interview coaching to enable you obtaining a suitable position. We believe all SFER members should enjoy their jobs, and our commitment to that goal is evident in our day to day guidance and success of our members


If you are an Organizational SFER member, no matter the size of your company, we provide you with:

  • A free assessment of your organizational performance and profit making design.
  • We work to litigation proof your organization by creating an engaged and high performing workforce
  • We provide legally mandated training. We also provide other training as determined by our assessment of your company
  • We become your full or supporting Human Resources, Employee Resolution, Compliance and Dispute Resolution Department
  • We assist with your recruiting, planning and growth needs
  • Human Resources and Employee Relations has become a science providing measurable financial returns and growth for organizations. Here, at the Society For Employee Relations, we are committed to creating modern and effective workforce for your organization. Our expertise is evidence in the success of our members

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