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FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS, your SFER Membership WILL ENABLE YOU Develop a high performing role/career.

You will be able to CREATE PROFIT FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR ORGANIZATION, And chart a professional track using your skills, experience and abilities.

If you do not have a job or are seeking a promotion at work or better employment, we will guide you through the process. our motto: work has changed, and should be good and beneficial for all.  



We will provide you strategies, guidance and training to assist you in creating a dynamic and economically vibrant organization.

The meaning of work has changed positively, and we help you make it a Win Win for all.  

  • Our Unique Organization Was Established To Provide Employees And Employers The Same Level Of Specialized Support On All Issues. Our Experienced Consultants Are A Phone Call Away, And Will Provide You DAY TO DAY Guidance And Counsel, On Issues Regarding All Areas Of Your Workplace And Role.

  • No Matter The Size Of Your Organization, Whether You Have Five Or Five Hundred Thousand Employees Worldwide, We Provide The Same High Level Of Advanced And Specialized Support For All Workplace Matters. Our Successful Modern Analytics And Humane Approach To The New Global Definition Of Work Will Enable You Increase Employee Engagement, And Obtain Positive Financial Benefits.   

With Your SFER Membership, You Will Enjoy Our Robust Standard And Extended Benefits. Extended Benefits Will Be Provided If Requested. Our Standard Benefits Are Listed Below:

  1. Day To Day Support, Customized Updates And Information For SFER Individual/ Employee Members On All Matters That Affect Them At Work. Contact Us For Guidance On Issues As They Occur Or For Success On Your Long Term Career Or Professional Goals.
  2. Day To Day Support, Customized Updates And Information On All Workplace Matters To Ensure A Productive And Culturally Healthy Environment For Our SFER Organizational Members. We Provide Support On All Workplace Issues To Ensure Business Success Using The Latest Methods In Management And Finance. We Provide Employee Relations, Compliance, Human Resources, Recruitment, Leadership Training And Dispute Resolution Support Etc., We Also Undertake All Organizational Design And Implementation Of Corporate Goals To Ensure The Growth And Success Of Your Company.
  3. We Provide Training, Job Specific Education, Guidance For Job Seekers, Career Coaching, And Job Specific Information To Create High Performing Employees And Thriving And Successful Organizations.
  4. SFER VIP Budget-Friendly Rates For All Workplace Needs Especially For The Implementation Of Modern And Income Generating Employee Relations, Employee Engagement And Human Resources Processes.
  5. Recruitment Services For All Levels Of Hiring Using The Latest Methods To Create An Engaged Staff.
  6. Career Guidance, Interview And Career Coaching, Skills Review And Customized Support For Career Advancement Or Seeking New Position.
  7. Litigation Avoidance And Maintenance Of Healthy Culture. We Provide Full Investigation Of Complaints Usually Provided More Credibility By Agencies Such As The EEOC Since We Are External Reviewers. We Also Provide Review Of Employee Relations Investigations, And Have A Team Of Trained Mediators And Arbitrators To Enable Organizations Identify And Resolve Internal Disputes To Avoid External Costs To Lawyers And Participation In The Court System And Extended Litigation.
  8. Provide Guidance And Support For Employees Under Investigation By The Human Resources Department Or External Agencies.
  9. Implement Unique Humane And Analytics Based Employee Relations, Human Resources And All Workplace Services For Employer And Employee Members.
  10. Updated Information On Latest Practices, Laws, Regulation And Engagement Methods That Equally Benefit Employees And Employers.  
  11. A Commitment To Confidentiality Of All Discussions.  *To The Extent Required By Law.



Individual Membership
Full Individual Yearly Membership:              $240.00
Full 3-Month Membership:                                $90.00  
Month By Month Membership                          $40.00

Organizational Membership
1-5   Employees:                                                      $500.00
5-10 Employees:                                                     $1,000.00
10-25 Employee:                                                     $2,000.00

For Organizations with more than 25 Employees:

Please contact us for a quote. Your yearly payment will be based on the size of your organization, and other basic measurements: 

**Please Note That If You Have Been Provided A Discount Coupon, Special, Group Or Other Rate, Contact Us Directly At Members@Societyforemployeerelations.Com 



  • Contact Us As Needed To Provide Day To Day Guidance And Counsel About Matters That Arise For You As An Employee. During The Year, You Are Entitled To Three (3) -Free Calls To Our Team Of Professionals In Addition To Eight (8) Workplace And Career Services. 
  • You Are Provided An Initial Consultation Worth $300,00 For FREE, And A Basic Assessment Of Your Career Goals, Skills And Talent Review, Performance Improvement Or Expectations, And Individual Professional Goals And Related Matters.
  • In Addition To News, Forms, Guidance And Support, Members Also Receive 2-Dispute Resolution Services. This Includes Mediating A Dispute Or Providing Guidance Prior To Appearance In A Mediation, HR, ER, EEOC Or Other Agency Hearing. 
  • You Receive Day To Day Employee Issues Including Answering General Employment Questions Such As Conflict With Co-Workers, Managers, Wage Issues, And Other Matters To Promote Employee's Performance And Success.
  • You Will Obtain Short And Long Term Training With Certificates Of Completion.
  • For Certification As An Expert Of Employee Relations (EER) Or Senior Expert Of Employee Relations (SEER), And Our Other Certification Programs, You Will Receive The SFER Member Discounted Rate.
  • You Could Also Receive Other SFER Services Not Listed Here As Part Of Your Package. Please Contact A Member Of Our Team At Info@Societyforemployeerelations.Com If You Need More Assistance
  • If You Exceed The Number Of Consultations Provided By Your Membership Of Our Organization, Additional Services Will Be Provided To You As Indicated On Our Rate Sheet. You Can Also Send An Email To Info@Societyforemployeerelations.Comwith The Heading Of “Rates For Services” Required—Include The Exact Service You Require. You Will Receive An Expedited Response To Your Request As An SFER Member.

  • Contact Us As Needed To Provide Day To Day Guidance And Counsel About Matters That Arise Within Your Organization. During The Year, You Are Entitled To Three (3)-Free Calls To Our Team Of Professionals In Addition To Five (5)-Services As Part Of Your Membership Benefit. 
  • You Are Provided An Initial Consultation Worth $800,00 For FREE, And A Basic Audit And Assessment Of Your Organizational Health, Employee Engagement Status, Manager Training And Organizational Design And Goals.
  • In Addition To News, Forms, Guidance And Support, SFER Organization Members Will Also Receive Dispute Resolution Services, Depending On The Corporate Membership Selected.  Our Services Include Investigating And Implementing In-House Employee Relations Matters, Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation, Agency Representation Such As At The EEOC, And Other Services As Required. 
  • We Provide Support And Resolution Of Your Day To Day Employee Relations Issues Including Employee Relations Investigations, Training And Appeals Review Of Completed Internal Investigation.
  • You Will Receive Day To Day Support For General Workplace Matters Such As Manager’s Guidance, Leadership Coaching, Reduction In Force Implementation, Employee Training, And Other Processes To Increase Employer And Employee Relationships, Growth And Financial Profit.
  • You Will Obtain Short And Long Term Training With Certificates Of Completion At Discounted Rates For Your Employees.
  • For Certification As An Expert Of Employee Relations (EER) Or Senior Expert Of Employee Relations (SEER), And Our Other Certification Programs, You Will Receive The SFER Member Discounted Rate.
  • We Will Become Your Human Resources, Employee Relations, Compliance Or Dispute Resolution Department Per Our Membership Terms, If You Make That Specific Request To Us In Writing To
  • We Provide Specific Services For Your Organization As Part Of Your Membership Of The SFER Including An Onsite Presence If Required For A Specific And Agreed Time. The Terms Will Be Provided In A Separate Agreement.
  • Your Membership Of SFER Includes The Creation Of A Basic Policies And Procedure Manual For Your Organization, Or Seven (7) Basic Services, Excluding Those Indicated On The Terms Of Your Membership.
  • Your Membership Entitles You To Updates Of Your Policies And Procedure Manual, And Consultation And Training On New Laws As Agreed By The Terms Of Your Membership Agreement.  
  • We Provide You Specific Services Including Short And Long Term Cultural Health, Analytics And Assessment To Create A Modern And Profitable Organization With Productive And Engaged Employees.
  • All Human Resources, Employee Relations, Dispute Resolution, Compliance And Any Related Services Required For Your Organization Meet Its Goals Will Be Provided To You As Outlined In Your Terms Of Membership. Please Read The Information At The Top Of The Page For Additional Information On Other Services.   

Special Concession Membership

If You Are Out Of Work, Or Cannot Afford Our Individual Or Membership Rates, Please Send A Request For Special Consideration To The Authors Of Our Compassionate Policies At Authors@Societyforemployeerelations.Com


Other Services
If You Require Immediate Or High Level Services In Corporate Restructure, Employee Engagement, Organizational Design, Leadership Training, Representation At An Agency Etc. Complete The Form Below AND Call Us At (202) 681-0150 For A Free 30-Minute Consultation. You Will Be Assisted By An Expert Or One Of Our SFER Customer Service Staff.  

A Representative Will Contact You By Phone To Verify Your Membership. Please Note That Your Membership Is Approved By Our Membership Panel.

Please Read The Membership Plans Above Then Simply Complete The Form Below. After Clicking Submit And Pay You Will Be Asked To Select A Plan Before Making Your Payment.

If Your Preferred Membership Plan Is Not Included In The Payment Schedule, Please Make Your Payment And Send An Email To Services@Societyforemployeerelations.Com For A Confirmation Of Your Type Of Membership And Duration To Be Mailed To You. Please Note That Your Payment Is Recorded By PayPal Inc. And Our Organization, SFER.




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