• The Society for Employee Relations (SFER) is the first Non-Profit organization that uses the latest 21st century progressive Employee Relations and Human Resources techniques, for  both employee and organizational financial profit and growth.
  • We provide the same first rate and expert services to Employers, Employees and Individuals that seek our services. In addition, our services are customized services to organizations and personalized for employee members of our organization.
  • As Organizational design experts and Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, we have a track record of creating emotionally and cognitively engaged employees. Whether you are a janitor or the Chief Executive officer, using our progressive, scientific and recognized methods will enable you become a high performer, and/or successful and profitable organization by using your own specific needs and strengths to create a system and strategy that will work for you.
  • Our unique services model differ extensively from  other Employee Relations and Human Resources providers in numerous ways, because we approach Human Resources and Employee Relations as a science. In addition, we do not provide a boiler plate solution for corporate and individual success as some similar organizations do. Instead, we work with each individual, employee or organization with our customized methods to meet your needs.
  • We are your Human Resources, Employee Relations, Compliance, Dispute Resolution and Employee Engagement Department.
  • We are the 21st century experts in Human Resources and Employee Relations whose expertise will provide your organization with a step by step plan for lasting success. For individual members, we will provide you support in finding your career strengths and support you in your day to day needs in the workplace.

Contact us today by phone at 202 681 0150 (members only), by email info@societyforemployeerelations.com :by completing the contact us form by clicking HERE. Become the best organization or the best employee you can possibly be using our tested and successful methods

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Vision: Our vision is to provide organizations within our country, the United States of America, and internationally with successful, modern, and progressive methods of Employee Relations and Human Resources, to create an engaged workforce within a collaborative, productive and healthy work environment. We commit that our services will result in sustained and measurable profit and growth for all employers and employees if you follow our techniques and guidance.

Mission: Our mission is to make your workplace great; a place in which everyone in your organization thrives and grows together– working collaboratively to achieve corporate goals and employee profits by using modern and progressive practices. We are known for establishing and implementing our well known mantra, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

Human Resources and Employee Relations has changed and has become a profit generating department in most progressive organizations. We are the face of this new and successful evolution of Human Resources and Employee Relations. Our techniques are practiced by the greatest corporations within the United States of America and all over the world. We are committed to a modern work environment with a “win/win” for all parties in which employees are recognized as valued contributors who gladly engage in reaching and exceeding corporate goals. Our methods of employee management and creative productivity create healthy and vibrant workplaces where the team looks forward to every day of the work week. We are known for establishing and implementing our well known mantra, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

Our SFER Values: We are a Non-Profit organization committed to the improvement of Employee and Employee relations within a healthy and thriving workplace, resulting in increased profits, growth and satisfaction for the organization and employees.  Our values are central to the work that we do and form the foundation of all our work. They are:

  1. Ethics: Integrity and trust are the basis of our organization. Each team member must uphold the guidelines and expectations of the group, and remain honest and just in all our work. We will always do the right thing, and believe that all our staff must do the right thing, even when honesty and sincerity might be difficult. We are committed to our work, and our dedication is rooted in our integrity and ethics which will not be compromised as it is the core of our purpose and our very essence as an organization.
  2. Equal Value: We believe each team member has something special to provide to the group. In our organization, valuing others and treating each other with respect helps to maintain courtesy within the team. We also extend this belief when working with clients and strategic partners. In dealing with our clients, we treat everyone with respect, and value the input of all employees no matter their level within the organization.
  3. Uniqueness: As an organization, we have chosen to be different. Our decision to use our expertise to make the workplace a healthy and pleasant environment using varied skills and tested practices is unique. We focus on employees and employers equally as we recognize that collaboration is the basis of success in the work environment. Despite our extensive knowledge and experience, we continue to work hard keeping abreast of changes in our profession— and using contemporary and practical applications to advance each member on our team. Our level of expertise and commitment to our profession makes us dedicated and highly adaptable to the situations that we encounter. Through steadfast devotion to making organizations and employees successful, we execute each task efficiently and outperform ordinary Employee Relations and Human Resources providers.
  4. Vibrant: We believe that a positive and vibrant environment creates a healthy and committed workforce. The attitude of our employees determines how much they will do for our clients, so we maintain a healthy and vibrant environment in which everyone is treated as a valued team member. We believe that being positive and optimistic in any given situation will enhance creativity and provide the verve needed to overcome conflict or challenges. A healthy and balanced workplace is filled with an overall sense of meaning and worth. Everyone feels recognized and appreciated, and Mondays and everyday of the week are just as exciting for us as Friday.
  5. Communication: Each team member must communicate honestly in order to help the group excel—everyone must be an active listener to hear what others have to share. Everyone’s opinion matters, and open communication, honesty and teamwork will enable the group to trust one another. Our organizational trust affects the manner in which we provide our services to our clients. Our work for each client is customized, whether an employer or employee. Communication is critical to our work. Our techniques are rooted in bi-directional communication and continuous improvement. Words matter and we recognize its sheer force in all that we do. 
  6. Motivation: We believe that motivation and passion are needed to successfully accomplish any task. Our team is highly motivated, and remain continuous and consistent learners. We are committed to using our exceptional and unique skills, abilities and knowledge to help employees and organizations become the highest performing that they can possibly be in their industries and roles. We are constantly motivated to meet and exceed the needs of all our clients.
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The Society For Employee Relations, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, publicly supported organization under Sections 501(c) (3) and 509(a) (1) of the IRS Code. We commit to providing the highest possible expertise for your organizational needs. Profitable outcomes, benefits and resolutions are not guaranteed and could vary based on various issues such as compliance with our methods, employee and management behavior and external dynamics, including changes in regulations etc. The Society for Employee Relations will provide reasonably priced and free services for its members and clients. Donations are encouraged to enable the organization provide educational and other services to the community. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.