-We Provide Employees With Their Own Human Resources (HR) And Employee Relations (ER) Department, Created For The Benefit Of Employees Only.

Organizations Have Their Own In-House HR and ER Departments Etc. Now, For Employees, We Have Created A Successful Platform That Works For The Benefit Of Employees In All Career And Work Related Matters. We Guide and Provide Support In All Areas For Employee Success including Job Search, Promotions, Dispute Resolution, Skills Assessment And improvement, To Retirement. Join Now To Get Support On A Day to Day Basis For Strategic Counsel On All Your Professional and Career Needs.  Join Today By clicking The "Individual" Button On The Right Side Of Your Screen.  



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Welcome to The Society For Employee Relations

Have a Work Related Question? Give Us A Call or Email Us at (202) 681-0150 or Services@societyforemployeerelations.com
Employees can also email us at Help@societyforemployeerelations.com We Are Located Nationwide- And You Do Not Have To Be A Member To Get A Free Initial Consultation.


  • To experience progressive people and business focused Human Resources and Employee Relations services and support, we encourage you to join our organization.
  • You will benefit from our expert and customized services, and easy access to information and online resources for individual and organizational development.
  • Our expert services customized for your specific needs will be provided to you at a lower rate as a member. We are specialists in creating high performing teams, and using recognized tools for supporting individuals to succeed in their career aspirations.
  • As a member, you can also collaborate with practitioners from around the world on crucial Employee Relations, Conflict Resolution, Compliance, Human Resources and related matters. Collaboration always provides that extra thrust needed to obtain and use best practices and learn methods of enhancing your career, or promoting your organization's success and profit with its employees.



  • As a member of SFER, you will receive the most current and reliable support for your organizational and individual needs.
  • Our experienced, knowledgeable and humane professionals provide continuous, up-to-date information, proactive direction, and support for you. This will enable you stay current and informed about changes that affect you or your organization, regarding Employee Relations practices, laws, best practices, Human Resources developments and other issues that are relevant to you.



  • The Society for Employee Relations (SFER) is a non profit organization. We are unique providers of 21st century, modern and successful Employee Relations, Conflict Resolution and Human Resources services. Our goal is to make employers and employees make consistent financial profit, and grow within a healthy, vibrant and creative environment.
  • We are known for recognizing that employees provide the strongest competitive edge for organizations and incorporate it into our services and strategies. Our experts provide consistently measurable and successful services and support using our unique scientific and people based approach to create the highest performing individuals and teams.
  • In the 21st century, Employee Relations and Human Resources departments have become broader and more encompassing scientific functions, expected to provide profit and growth for employees and the organization.
  • We provide customized services to meet your organizational and employee goals in this competitive environment.
  • We champion and create successful organizational design, services and support to ensure that your Employee Relations and Human Resources departments function maximally, and contribute to tangible organizational and employee growth, and profit.
SFER © | Society for Employee Relations, Inc. All rights reserved The Society for Employee Relations, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, publicly supported organization under Sections 501(c) (3) and 509(a) (1) of the IRS Code. We commit to providing the highest possible expertise for your individual needs. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. Profitable outcomes, benefits and resolutions are not guaranteed and could vary based on various issues such as compliance with our methods, employee and management behavior and external dynamics, including changes in regulations, etc. The Society for Employee Relations will provide reasonably priced and some free services for its paid members and clients. Donations are encouraged to enable the organization to provide educational and other services to the community. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.